Eve Erotic Bath House

Bring the Bathing era to your virtual doorsteps with this luxury roman themed bath house made of stunning home made textures and fine details. Simple & realistic are the words that comes to mind when describing this bath house.It is the perfect spot for romantic moments or wild orgies!

Back in those days, Bathing was one of the most common daily activities in Roman culture, and was highly practiced across a wide variety of social classes. Bathing was raised amongst Romans to high art as they socialized in these communal baths. Courtship was conducted, as well as sealing business deals, as they built lavish baths on natural hot springs.

Though this version is nothing compared to the RL deal, this bath house is ideal on any property in Second Life. The kind you can host parties on, hang out with friends or lovers, have an orgy, or simply unwind while listening to music streaming through the in built radio. This compact bath house can be used individually or as an add-on to an already existing property.

For complete details about this item view the complete details here. You can also try the demo version in world.


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