La Parisienne Complete Mesh Outfit Set


Most of us dream about Paris and it’s lifestyle: ladies in flow dresses riding their bicycles with their shopping basket filled with freshly baked croissants, baguettes, and vegetables fresh from the marketplace attached to the back. Not withstanding the almost perfect cliché, a majority dreams of the moment they get to take a picture underneath the Eiffel Tower.

This outfit is the ideal outfit to wear for the occasion! Reveal the “voyageuse” in you with this unique outfit set that comes with quite the accessory set and fun texture options. A complete texture hud is included, allowing for a nice mix-n-match session for the tube top, jean, flat cap and platform heels.

The platform heels are made exclusively to be used with Slink High mesh Feet, so be sure you already own a Slink mesh feet before hand. This set was originally created to be worn uniquely with classic avatar shapes, however with some extra adjustments, this set can also be worn with mesh shapes, on condition you use the Alpha options included in the hud dedicated to your mesh shape.

La Parisienne outfit includes the platform heels, a pair of hoop earrings, an aviator styled pair of shades, a face cap, and a beautiful gold plated wrist watch. Complete details concerning this mesh set can be found on marketplace using this link: AM on Marketplace.

If and when you finally purchase your own copy of this set, stop over at the AvéMoi main store in-world and take a lovely picture in front of our very own Eiffel Tower!



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