Convoiter Cognac

Given one’s busy lifestyle, it is always a relief to get back home after a long day of work, kicks off your shoes then pour yourself a glass of cognac. Yes people, everyone needs to unwind every now and then, be it in the real world or in Second Life.

Since it is something I do once every blue moon, I thought it’d be fun being able to reproduce the same effect in SL. Of course, it does not beat the real thing, but this new “Convoiter” Cognac set adds a touch of realism to your Second Life.

All you have to do is left click on the cognac tray to choose your poison!

Entirely made of mesh, this fine cognac set is presented in it’s own luxury package that can eventually be displayed as a decorative item in-world. Once unboxed, clicking on the tray gives you 4 drink options to choose from:

Classic Cognac, Cognac Summit, Noblesse cocktail and Side Car.

Once you have made a drink selection of your choice, the glass automatically attaches itself to your avatar (if AVSitter Experience) is activated on your parcel or sim), else you have to manually accept to allow the glass attach itself to your avatar.

The cognac bottle and glasses are made with care and precision for a more realistic look. Each glass detaches itself after the time set in each glass, allowing you to actually enjoy having a nice glass in your hand.

View the complete details about this cognac set on our Marketplace Page or try the demo version at the Avé-Moi main store in-world by clicking on this link.


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