The Wellness Oasis Sauna


It seems nostalgia got the best of us at AvéMoi during the weekend. Why?…. Because we couldn’t help but recreate the exact replicate of one of the previous sauna set, originally by Ohren Beck. AVEMOI Designs is proud to announce the release of a brand new Sauna, The Wellness Oasis Sauna. Measuring a simple 6 x 8 m, and entirely made of mesh, this new sauna comes with warm wood textures, Scandinavian styled with a touch of modernity; effects guaranteed to warm the coldest bodies. Unlike the previous Saunas, this cuddle and sex Sauna uses the new Animations Engine running with AV-SITTERS system.

One of the fun facts of this item is that it comes packed with fun animations for couples, solo sit animations for him & her, a full sauna controller that allows you control the in-built radio, door & light options. The Wellness Oasis Sauna is another beautiful spa set that meets the very essence of pleasure imposed by couples in Second Life.

Complete details about this item can be found on the AvéMoi marketplace here . This item is also available at the main store here or teleport directly to the demo central to try it out.


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