Rococo Chaise Lounge for Singles and Couples

Elegant, tasteful, and really exclusive, this Rococo Chaise lounge embodies the charm and elegance the French baroque interior furniture combined with the simplicity of the shape that distinguishes from modern chaise lounge. Not only can this exquisite chaise be used for decorative purposes, it can also be used as a prop for your Photography session.... Continue Reading →


La Mariniere Inflatable Pool Mattress

Originally linked to the maritime world since the 17th century, and eventually launched by Coco Chanel in 1916 (under the name "La Marinière"), the blue and white stripes remains a major style used amongst the French nationals. Due to it's unique style, this new marinière floater adds a touch of style and class to your... Continue Reading →

Toraq Mesh Campfire Set for Couples

Savage, sexy but stylish at the same time, this brand new campfire set is perfect especially for Roleplay themed environments. This light version comes with some really nice attributes, making it the ideal campfire set for that special moment. The Toraq campfire series is composed of fully scripted lightweight logs with skin textured rugs and... Continue Reading →

Mesh Wooden sea raft with Texture Hud for SL

Presenting a brand new range of log rafts starting with this realistic looking sea raft perfect for any beach scene, public or private pool areas. Made entirely of mesh (save for included props), this sea raft comes with some of the best animations, including relaxing moments like yoga or simply reading a book. It is also possible... Continue Reading →

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