House of Lannisters Wine Tray

Channel the inner Tyrion Lannister in you with this unique and exclusive wine tray made for you GOT fans! Ye shall never be out of wine henceforth, thanks to this beautiful wine tray entirely made of mesh.

The Victorian Gothic Crow Chair

After weeks of brainstorming I finally came up with something wild, and just in time for Halloween. Inspired by an original real life model, this alternative punk inspired Victorian chair is the perfect addition to any Rock or Gothic scene or living space.

Requiem For a Broken Heart Fountain

Breakups are not always easy to handle or deal with, especially if said relationship was a long termed relationship. A sentiment shared by many even in virtual reality. It is general knowledge that not everyone knows how to deal with a heart break

Antique mesh Side Table

This baroque era side table comes in really fine details and shades; from the high detailed textures, to the craftsmanship of the table, this table is the perfect addition to your bureau, living room, library, dinning hall or hall way.

Cubic Trio Mesh Lamps

Minimalist, chic and très design, this cubic led lamp comes in 3 sizes, Small, Medium and Big. Each one is scripted with a full menu allowing to turn On/Off, Change the light color, change intensity, radius and falloff and more. The tiny light dust particles emitted from the lamp once activated adds a touch of…

Trivium Mesh Bedroom Set

Inspired from a RL model and entirely made of mesh, the Trivium Erotic Bedroom set comes equipped with what it takes to make you night or morning a pleasant one.