The Avé-Moi Couture outfits comes in a variety of styles ranging from classic rigged mesh outfits specially for classic avatars, to fitted mesh outfits made to be used with mesh shapes.
We also have outfits made with the classic clothing layes that includes appliers for various mesh shapes.

Akasha Bikini for Mesh and classic shapes

The other day I was invited to a pool party at a really luxury resort in Second Life. The kind of even you do not want to miss, actually. As thrilled as I was I realized I did not have the right swimsuit for the occasion. After searching around I decided to make my very own bikini set. (more…)

La Parisienne Complete Mesh Outfit Set

Most of us dream about Paris and it’s lifestyle: ladies in flow dresses riding their bicycles with their shopping basket filled with freshly baked croissants, baguettes, and vegetables fresh from the marketplace attached to the back. Not withstanding the almost perfect cliché, a majority dreams of the moment they get to take a picture underneath the Eiffel Tower. (more…)