Store Policy

Given the nature of our products, we do not refund lost products. We only refund products that were purchased twice (by accident). If you intend purchasing an item from us please try the demo versions available before purchasing. In case of non delivery there is a redelivery kiosk at the main store.

95% of our products come with Copy permission, or Copy/Modify permission, depending on the nature of the product. All clothing items comes with Copy permission only, while the prim/mesh attachement comes with resizes scripts and a texture hud. Help us cut down content theft by reporting any seller or resident you see that is selling the exact same products or an exact duplicate of any Avé-Moi product.

Here at Avé-Moi, we want you to love your new item. Specific care has been taken to make sure each products meets everyone’s needs and expectations. Reason why we have a demo version of each product available for trial before purchase. Given the nature of our products, we do not do exchanges or accept returns.

Did you purchase an item that never got to you? Nothing to panic about, take a deep breath and do the following:

  • If purchased in-world, simply left click on the item vendor in question and select the “Redeliver” option.
  • If you purchased via market place, please send a notecard to Luthia Carter indicating the purchase date and transaction number.

Do keep in mind there are days LL work on their servers, and for this reason, delivery might be delayed for a couple of minutes. In case of non reception, simply contact us in-world, or via the contact link on this blog and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

It is now possible to acquire the updated version of your product in-world. A lot of our products have been updated (products from 2009 – 2015), and they are available via the redelivery terminals.

We have made available re-delivery terminals at each product section, and also at the main reception desks. Simply click on the redelivery terminal, you will be redirected to the list of purchases you made. There on you can chose to have the product delivered to you directly without effort.

For purchases made via marketplace preceding 2017, contact us in-world leaving the date of product purchase and transaction number and we will send you a new copy. For products purchased after the above mentioned time period, use the redelivery terminal.