SL Fashion

Convoiter Cognac

Given one’s busy lifestyle, it is always a relief to get back home after a long day of work, kicks off your shoes then pour yourself a glass of cognac. Yes people, everyone needs to unwind every now and then, be it in the real world or in Second Life. (more…)

La Parisienne Complete Mesh Outfit Set

Most of us dream about Paris and it’s lifestyle: ladies in flow dresses riding their bicycles with their shopping basket filled with freshly baked croissants, baguettes, and vegetables fresh from the marketplace attached to the back. Not withstanding the almost perfect cliché, a majority dreams of the moment they get to take a picture underneath the Eiffel Tower. (more…)

Lilith mesh Leather Mini dress

This stunning number is the perfect dress to make you stand out in the crowd and comes with quite some options for mesh shapes. Although this mini dress comes in different fitted mesh sizes and also includes the Belleza (Venus, Isis & Freya), Maitreya & Slink (Physique & Hourglass), TMP, Tonic (Curvy & Fine), (more…)