Advertisement Campaign

Advertising on AVM

AvéMoi now offers divers advertising options destined to Designers/Creators of Second Life. AvéMoi is the style signature stop devoted to fashion & lifestyle, dedicated to residents of Second Life. Advertising on AvéMoi means directing reaching out to active shoppers seeking only the best products to use in SecondLife.

Our prices are competitive and affordable for every establishment. We offer three advertising options:

– Banner display : Your brand banner displayed on all pages of Ave-Moi
– Logo Display : Your brand logo displayed on all pages of Avé-Moi
– Syndication : Link up to AvéMoi blog


– 300 x 300 logo display (sidebar) : L$ 3,000/ per month
– 468 x 60 full banner Ad (Header or Footer) : L$ 4,200/ per month
– 160 x 600 Skyscraper Ad display (side bar) : L$ 5,200/ per month

A 15% discount is awarded for payment of 2 months or more. If you are interested in advertising with us please fill out the form below or contact Luthia Carter directly in world for further details.


AvéMoi agrees to provide the following upon validation :

– Send email confirmation of your order.
– Reserve the chosen advertisement campaign space for the specified period.

To validate your advertisement on Avé the Advertiser agrees to provide the following:

– Include the graphic/brand image of the brand/store.
– Make payment in linden dollars (L$) for the selected campaign period in world.
– Specify URL/SLURL the ad graphic will be linked to while filling out the online form.
– Valid email address and correct SL contact information.

Thank you for your interest in advertising with AvéMoi.



*If you do not have your store logo/banner online, send the precise graphic directly to Luthia Carter in world. Right after filling out this online form please teleport to the payment station in world using this link.